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Personalised Golf Clothing


To help you with your deliberations over personalised golf shirts and tops for your society or event, we have answered some commonly asked questions below. If you have a question relating to your requirement on embroidered logos for your golf event please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a set up cost and do I pay a set up cost every time I place an order?

The set up cost of £25 is for the process of digitising your logo into a stitch programme which operates the embroidery machines. Once a logo has been set up for you there are no further set up costs for future orders if the size of the logo remains the same. Equally, there are no further charges if you wish to change the colours within the same exact logo.

Please be aware that the embroidery costs outlined on this website are for designs that are under 10,000 stiches. Logos above this stich count may atract additional costs based on the extra time required to produce each garment.

Can I change the size of the logo?

Each logo is created / digitised to a specific agreed size. The logo can be altered by + or - 10% without further charge.  A change beyond 10% requires a new digitisation and a further digitisation cost.

How long does it normally take until my order is produced and delivered?

From your acceptance of the quotation emailed to you and on receipt of payment, we will produce a sample stitch out of your agreed logo for you to approve. Normally you will receive the completed order within ten working days of your approval and agreement to proceed.

Can I order a single garment?

Yes you can and we are happy to produce this for you. Please take into account however that the set up cost per logo and the delivery charge will apply in full, even for a single shirt.

Do you embroider logos only on the left chest?

You can have your logo or logos embroidered on either the left or right chest, on either sleeve or below the collar on the rear of all types of shirt or jacket. With caps, logos are normally embroidered on the front, although, in some cases, you can have a logo embroidered on sides and rear. We will advise you when you contact us.

Does it cost more to have many colours in the logo?

The cost of embroidering the logo in the main is not affected by the number of colours. We would advise you at the point of order if there were any reasons for additional cost (only where logos are very complex or with when they contain double digit colours).

If I am adding an individual name can I choose the colour for this individual embroidery?

The simple answer is yes, unless you are proposing a specific non standard thread colour.

Can I sample a shirt or shirts before placing an order?

We are often asked for sample shirts and tops and we have a procedure for this which works well. We charge the indicated web price per sample and send these to you. We always send out new garments from our suppliers, never previously sampled products. We ask that they are returned within 28 days in the packaging and in the condition in which they were sent to you, whereupon we can either use these shirts in your order or refund the cost of the samples sent to you in full.

If we don’t have a logo can you provide a golf themed embroidered logo for our event?

Yes, we have a range of golf themed embroidered logos which we can tailor to your event.

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